Competition Information

The MYC cheerleaders can compete in different Competition Invites during their season.  Our favorite is the Southside Showdown Cheerleading Competition that Waukesha South Hosts. Teams we compete against include schools in Mukwonago High School's Conference and other local teams. It is a competition we go to with our High School Teams and there are various divisions such as All-Conference for Individuals, Four person Stunt Groups, and Team divisions for Varsity, JV, and Youth.  

MYC Comp Team 2018

Southside Showdown: Youth Division 2nd Place!


Back Row Left to Right: Alison Galinsky, Eloise Peot, Madison Wiebel, Ellie Kapp, Abby Gorski

Middle Row Left to Right: Lily Andrae, Maddy Andrae, Emily Graber, Haven Lange, Brooklyn Hagen, Cat Feyen

Front Row Left to Right:Zoe Pilant, Emily DeMotto, Natalie Tarantino-Nordby, Willow Conner, Kara Koziol

Alternates: Alyssa Merriman, MaKayla Sieradzki

Coaches: Marla McCartan, Jamie McCartan, Megan Bartz, Jessica Harris, Gabby Valdez

Want to compete?

Current 2019 Team Participants who are a part of the MYC Sideline Team that have interest in competing are invited to attend a Competition Interest Practice September 9th 2019. At this practice coaches will have team members work on syncronization in Cheer motions, jump preps, jumps, dance and tumbling along with testing out different stunting positions with each other.  Those who the coaches agree on skill wise for a competitive group is then our Competition Team and they have mandatory practice September thru December 14th. They compete at Waukesha South December 14th 2019 at all day competition. 

It is an honor to be on the team and we expect exceptional behavior, attendence, and dedication to help the team achieve a great routine in anyway the coaches ask of you!

MYC Comp Team 2017



Southside Showdown: Youth Division 3rd Place

Back Row Left to Right: Cat Feyen, Emily Graber, Kaitlyn Sura, Jessica Kohls, Eloise Peot, Abby Kramer, Lilly Andrae

Front Row Left to Right: Alyssa Merriman, Maddy Andrae, Natalie Tarantino-Nordby, Zoe Pilant, Alison Galinsky